Cody: Hey, what’s up?

Me: Ah, I’m a bit worried about something is all.

Cody: I thought you looked a bit downhearted.

Me: Yeah…

Cody: Do me a favour?

Me: Of course.

Cody: Go get me two photographs.

Me: Photographs of who?

Cody: Me of course! Who else?!

Me: Of course! Which two?

Cody: The one taken in my first night here three months ago at the kitchen door.

Me: Right, I know that one. It’s on my phone here.

Cody: Good. Thanks. Then get the one you took of me last night in the same place.

Me: Got that one too… My word, Cody!

Cody: What is it?

Me: Look at the difference!

Cody: Yep.

Me: You’ve grown such a lot. And in such a short space of time.

Cody: Yes. I’ve grown. I’ve changed. You see, things change. In fact the only thing that doesn’t change is that all things change!

Me: I suppose you’re right.

Cody: And that thing you’re worried about?

Me: Yes?

Cody: Well, that will change too. Everything does. Give it time. Do your best. Things change. Things grow. All will be well in the end. If all isn’t well, we’ll it just isn’t the end yet.

Me: I like that, Cody. You’re a good dog.

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