Give Yourself a Break

Me: Cody? Cody? Where are you?

Cody: I’m out here.

Me: Where?

Cody: Outside.

Me: Cody! There you are. What are you doing out here?

Cody: Just getting a bit of space, man.

Me: But it’s cold out here in the back yard, Cody.

Cody: I know.

Me: And you’re lying on the ground.

Cody: I know.

Me: You know?

Cody: Yeah, I know. I know coz I’m lying here.

Me: I suppose so. But what are you doing. It’s lovely and warm inside. Very comfortable.

Cody: I know.

Me: You say that a lot.

Cody: I know. Coz… I know.

Me: And what do you know Cody?

Cody: I know that I needed a break.

Me: Right. A break.

Cody: Yeah, things can get quite intense at times. So at times I need to come away to the quiet and get a break.

Me: Even on the cold ground?

Cody: The cold ground is my special place. You would know all about it if your hair was as long my coat! Everyone’s special place is their own. Why don’t you find yours and go to it every now and then for a break too? It does you the world of good.

Me: You know what? Sounds great. I just might. Thanks Cody.

Cody: No problem. I’ve had a good break now. Let’s go back in and cuddle up on the settee.

Me: Let’s do it Cody. Good dog.


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