Brexit Blues

Me: Cody, what’s up. You look a bit blue.

Cody: Yeah, I’m a bit blue with gold stars today.

Me: Eh?

Cody: It’s Brexit. I never thought we’d actually do it.

Me: Ah Cody. Is it getting you down?

Cody: It is. You know how I love all people?

Me: Yeah.

Cody: I just think this Brexit will divide people. It will go on now for a long time. Anyone who thinks the recording of Big Ben’s bongs heralded anything but chest beating, jingoistic, unrealistic expectation of a return to a great past that wasn’t that great, is, I fear, sadly mistaken.

Me: Wow! Cody, you’ve really been thinking hard for a wee pup.

Cody: I have. And I know that the EU isn’t perfect. I know it needs lots of scrutiny and reform. But I think that Brexit is the worst possible way to achieve anything good for either the EU or those of us leaving.

Me: But, Cody, it’ll be OK, won’t it?

Cody: I hope so. But I worry about the poor people and the working people. I worry about the people who come here from other places. What must they think of all the flag waving and some of the comments made by even those in leadership positions?

Me: He’s, now that you mention that, it is worrying.

Cody: You’re the praying kind, aren’t you?

Me: I am.

Cody: Put this on your daily prayer list.

Me: I will.

Cody: We’re better together. We’re better together.

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