A Conversation With God For The End Of The Day

Often, people ask ‘how can I pray?’ This becomes an even more pointed question in times like the ones we are living in- times of crisis and worry. One way to pray that I have practiced since I was a young boy is to simply have a conversation with God. Here is how one such conversation could go tonight…


Dear God,

As another day comes to an end, I thought I’d take some time to talk to you before bedtime. Thinking back over the day I can see how I let time, experiences and people go by today without recognising you among them all. Life can get stressful in these times and, even though those are the times when I need you most, they are the very times that I forget to call on you. Often it’s only in hindsight that I see this. I’m sorry. But at least I’m trying. I hear God loves a trier! Tomorrow I’m going to try even harder to include you in all the time, experiences and people I meet. Will you please help me do that?

Looking back I also realise that there were good moments today. It’s usually small moments of good things that happen in my life, although every now and then there are big things too. I want to say thank you for all that is good. I recognise all those things as gifts from you.

As I end my day there are some situations and people I’d like to place into your hands. I’d list them here, but I know you know them already. My job is to trust you and I’m trying hard with that too.

So, night night God. I love you. See you tomorrow.


Dear friend,

Good to hear from you as this day ends. I know how stressful life can be for you right now and I understand how you can lose sight of me. I want you to know that I don’t hold those times against you. I appreciate that you are trying and, yes, I love a trier! I will definitely help you in all things.

I’m so glad you recognise the small and big good things in life. Enjoy them. And I appreciate your thanks.

I know all of the intentions you have and I want you to know that I am with you and all creation at all times, always and all ways.

Night night my friend. I love you. Sleep well.

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  • Theresa

    A meaningful night prayer tonight Jim. Tuesday was a day I was very thankful day to God. They were intentions I was praying for, not big things but I went to sleep thanking God and I believe I smiled as I thought about how blessed I was my intentions were granted. Wednesday, again I thank you God for other small things I was worrying about. As you know I do too much of that. Tomorrow as the teenagers get results please help those who are disappointed.
    They may not know you have planned something better for them.
    I think a friend is worried about something, please hold this friend close. Their intention and as we hope it to be your will they have this intention granted for them or whoever it is for. Thank you God for loving me, especially when I forget to give you my worries.
    Thank you Jim for the reminder to talk to God. Goodnight God bless sleep well.

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