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This old cross is all I have to hold to

Some days are long and some days are tough, aren’t they? I guess that is how it is for all of us from time to time. I noticed recently that on such days I have developed a habit of raising my hand to my chest and touching the cross I wear round my neck. I do this over my clothes, just feeling its outline and knowing it is there. It gives me a certain sense of consolation and security. It reminds me of the everlasting love of God on the good days and on the long and tough days alike. It reminds me, as I feel its imperfect edges (I made it), that God loves the imperfections in me and loves the rough edges as much as the smooth ones. 

The threat of Covid-19 and the subsequent changes in how we live our lives has been very disruptive and worrying for many of us. And then there are those who have been ill, not to mention those who have died. Add in the loss of the funeral as a gathering of loved ones and the loss of our ability to gather as worshipping communities for any reason. Heap on economic and political upheaval and without doubt these are tough times for most of us. I have been reaching up to my chest and feeling the cross a lot recently!

So, as my prayer for us all, I offer this poem about the cross I wear. Perhaps you or someone you know wears one as well. Be well, friends.



This old cross has been with me now

For long and many a year

I put it on religiously

And daily bend its ear


I tell this cross my innermost

I tell it all my woes

And when I do this enough

I find my worry goes


This cross lies upon my chest

Each and every day

I often reach out and touch it

To keep my troubles at bay


So I put on this old cross

My uniform so to speak

And try to live as Jesus would

Loving, turning the other cheek


You see this cross reminds me

Of God and heaven above

Of sacrifice and holocaust

And how much we are loved


I’ll wear this cross all my days

Through happiness and loss

And when I die I pray that I

Will be buried wearing my old cross






Poem from my poetry book, Gym for the Soul- more information here.



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