Prayer for Stormy Times

Why not take a little time to pray? Settle yourself first into a comfortable position in a comfortable place. Allow yourself a minute or two to simply be in that place, breathing as deeply and as slowly as you can. When you are ready, read the following words slowly, allowing the ones that mean something to you to fall on you and take you into conversation with God.

Jesus, who calmed the storms; calm the storms in our hearts.
Jesus, who forgave the crippled man; forgive us our trespasses.
Jesus, who taught your disciples how to pray; help us to spend time with you in prayer.
Jesus, whose Sacred Heart burned with love for your followers; burn with love for us these days.
Jesus, who loved even those who tortured and killed you; strengthen us to forgive those who hurt us.
Jesus, who called the little children to you; help us to care for and love all children.
Jesus, who healed the sick; send healing and consolation to those who are ill.
Jesus, who wept at Lazarus’ graveside; be with all who grieve.
Jesus, who sided with the poor and downtrodden; send workers to bring social justice to our world.
Jesus, fully human; walk with us on our human journey.
Jesus, fully divine; bring us all to our heavenly home.