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Paul the Dreamer

I was asked by my friend Rev David Campton to provide a reflection on this piece of art. It is from a mosaic in Kavala in modern Greece. You can see the full mosaic above this post.  It depicts St Paul landing there during his second missionary journeys. It corresponds to the reading in the lectionary from Philippians 1:1-11. This reading also formed part of the reflection I wrote. Here is a link to the reflection. David and some invited guests have been providing reflections on art and scripture each day in Lent. Check out his blog for other insightful pieces. 

I finished the piece with a prayer. Let it be my prayer for us all this day and all days:

Lord God of all goodness, 
Let us know your peace of mind and heart, 
So that we may see clearly in these days of worry, 
And that we might be grateful for what you have given us. 
In gratitude allow our love to abound more and more
Allow us to dream, Lord God,
To dream your dream for ourselves,
And for your world. 
Strengthen us, Lord God 
To be your presence of love, joy and mercy, 
As we face into uncertain days, 
Inspired by your Apostle Paul, 
Who knew hardship, 
But knew all the more of your great power. 
We raise our eyes, our voices and our actions, 
To the glory and praise of God. 









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