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Hello… God? I’ve done it again- The Fall and The Rise

Me: Hello… God?


God: Hello, my friend. What’s occurring?


Me: I did it again.


God: I know.


Me: You know? Wait, of course you know. You’re God! I’m so annoyed at myself, though.


God: Tell me about that.


Me: There’s these times, like today. I stuff up. I fall into old patterns of thinking and acting that aren’t good.


God: You fall?


Me: Yes, I fall. And you know what, God?


God Yes, but tell me.


Me: Well, there’s only one letter difference between fall and fail.


God: So you feel like you fail when you fall.


Me: I do. I do feel it and I do fail when I fall.


God: Maybe. You know what, my friend?


Me: No. Tell me.


God: There’s only one letter difference between fall and full.


Me: Full?


God: Yes, my friend. Those times when you fall? When you fail? Those are the times when you must pray to be full of the timeless and unquestionable love I have for you.


Me: In the times I fall and I fail I can be full of your love for me?


God: Yes, my friend. In those times the fullness of my love will remind you of a deep truth.


Me: Yes?


God: You and all creation are my beloved. There is nothing that can separate you from the love I have for you. No fall. No fail. My love for you is always full. Did you know that?


Me: Somewhere inside I think I did- I do. But I lose touch with it so often.


God: And getting back in touch with it again?


Me: It will help me recover from those times of falling and failing. It will help me see there is always more than that moment of falling, if can but only keep your love for me in mind. In fact, knowing this will help me fall less often and rise up more often.


God: It is true. Be full of my love and rise up.


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