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Hello… God? I’m losing my grip

For the times when it feels like we’re not able to cling on to hope during times of struggle… A conversation with God


Me: Hello… God?


God: Hello, my friend. It is great to hear from you. Tell me, what’s going on for you?


Me: Ah, God. I’m struggling.


God: I know. Tell me about it.


Me: It’s hard to put words on it.


God: Speak from your heart. Let your soul cry out.


Me: I feel like I’m just about clinging on. Like my fingers are clinging to sharp rocks on a cliff edge.


God: And if you lose your grip?


Me: I’m afraid to think what would happen.


God: You’re afraid.


Me: Yes. I’m afraid. The rocks are so sharp and my grip is weak at the minute.


God: My friend, will you try something for me?


Me: Yes.


God: Thank you. I want you to focus on your grip and the rocks. Really experience this.


Me: OK. I’m doing that. It feels cold and lonely, though.


God: I know. But now I want you to feel something else.


Me: Yes?


God: I want you to feel my hands covering yours. I want you to feel them holding your hands and strengthening your grip.


Me: OK… I feel it.


God: What do you feel?


Me: I feel warmth and love and safety.


God: And what do you know because of this?


Me: I know now that no matter how difficult things are, I am not alone. I know that no matter how close I get to feeling like I’m going to fall off the cliff in life, I can always rely on your hands strengthening me. I know that nothing is so bad that I can’t turn to you in prayer.


God: Yes, my friend. And you can always find others in the world who will listen and help as well. It is my deepest desire for you that you would be well. Be not afraid for I am with you.


It’s good to talk.

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  • Theresa

    A wonderful way to feel God’s loving hands and the safety of knowing he will hold us and get us through the cliff edge times. We just need to have the faith and put all our trust in God.
    God bless Jim xx

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