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Hello, God? I’m feeling adrift…

Me: Hello…God?


God: Hello, my friend. How are you?

Me: Oh God, I feel… I don’t even know how I feel.

God: Keep going, you’ll get there.

Me: Well, I feel… disconnected. This pandemic and the restrictions have left me feeling all at sea; adrift.

God: I know. Adrift from what?

Me: That’s a good question. It’s hard to say. Everything, I suppose. I just have this feeling; like I’m out in the middle of a lake in a boat alone.

God: In the middle of a lake alone. I hear you. Who would be there if you weren’t alone?

Me: My family, my friends.

God: So you feel adrift from your family and friends.

Me: Yes. That’s it.

God: My friend, I know. I know and I feel what you feel. I know you’ve a lot going in inside that mind of yours. You are making yourself too busy inside these days.

Me: Yes. Yes, you’re right. Well, of course you are! You’re right. Even in my all at sea times and my disconnection, inside I feel very busy. So many thoughts and feelings.

God: You know the story of my son’s life?

Me: Yes.

God: So you know, he was very busy a lot of the time too. But he often took time away from the busyness to rest. And, my friend. And in his restful times, what did my son do?

Me: He rested and prayed… I’ve been a bit adrift from both recently….

God: I know. I’ve been listening out for you.

Me: So, I’ve let myself be cut adrift from you too. Sorry.

God: No, my friend. You are never adrift from me. It is not possible. No matter who you are or what you have done, I will never be adrift from you. Though you may feel it to be so, it is not. Do you remember the feeling of being adrift?

Me: Yes. Like being out on a lake in a boat, alone.

God: You are never alone, my friend. I am the boat. And all this will pass.


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