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St Ignatius of Loyola felt strongly about… well, a lot of things! One of these things was gratitude. In fact, Ignatius said that ingratitude was “the cause, beginning, and origin of all evils and sins.” For Ignatius, to be grateful was to realise something of the nature of God. Gratitude as a way of life recognises the gift that there is in everything. It also recognises that there is a giver of all these gifts. Gratitude, therefore, is a way to relate to God on God’s terms. So, some thoughts on gratitude…


G God’s gifts are gratuitously given- we don’t (need to) earn them.

R Reality check- it is possible to find something to be grateful for. Lets look.

A Aspire to live a life of thanksgiving daily. Lets begin each day with gratitude.

T Today is a gift. It’s the only today there will be today!

I I can be a source of gratitude to someone else. Let’s treat each other with compassion and respect.

T Tell the story of gratitude. Name things you are grateful for and tell others about it.

U Unreservedly savour and relish each moment and each thing you are grateful for.

D Discipline- developing the daily discipline to acknowledge the good things we have is a great thing to do. It opens us up to a deeper appreciation of life and allows for a deeper relationship with ourselves, others and God.

E Even the difficulties- if we are of the mind to, we can find something to be grateful for despite the difficult times. Let’s support each other through thick and thin.


What are you truly grateful for? What is it that gives you a warm glow inside? What lifts your heart? What motivates you to be all you can be?

Why not name those things, savour them and celebrate them right now.


Thank you for reading this!!

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