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For Those Who Feel Scuffed Up

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  • Theresa Kearney

    I had been feeling quite scuffed up for the past week or so but hadn’t mentioned it to anyone. Today I shone like a star. Boys o boys God smiled on me, seeing my son arriving with a gift, a really good laugh at your dogs Jim, beautiful bouquet of flowers, totally out of the blue from one of my sisters and Fr. Martin reminding me of myself when technology is involved was another out loud laugh. The sun was shining. Sunday getting a bit closer – my daughter and granddaughter usually bring a wee bag of treats. Well it was like all my birthdays rolled into one. Your post is perfect today. I feel so loved and blessed. I could feel my heart shining like a star. Thank You God for such a wonderful day.
    Goodnight God bless Jim. #peace xx

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