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For those of us who are tired

Me: Hello… God?


God: Hello, my friend. It’s good to hear from you today. Tell me, how are you?


Me: I’m tired. Really tired.


God: I know. I can see it in you. What are you doing about it?


Me: Doing about it?


God: Yes. Now you know about it, what are you doing about it?


Me: We’ll, I guess I’m trying to catch a break between working and family life. Lying down a bit. Listening to music. Eating nice food. I get away every now and then.


God: How’s that working out for you?


Me: …. I’m tired.


God: Thought so.


Me: Oh, God, what can I do?


God: I’ve been waiting for you to know you can ask that. Come to me and I will give you rest.


Me: Come to you? Like, up in heaven? Now? Right now?!?


God: Don’t panic. Your time isn’t up yet. No. Come to me where you are.


Me: How?


God: You see, I am always with you. It is you who move from me. Come back to me. But do so with all your heart and all your being. Try this: Rest in me in prayer. Go to the centre of your being. Clear all thought and worry away from your mind. Stay in the silence. And you will come to me there and I will come to you. Do this daily. Make this, make me, part of your daily life.


Me: I feel it in my soul. This call to come to you. And I sense that it’ll be ok.


God: Sure haven’t I always told you that? Rest.


It’s good to talk.


(the picture is of my tired old dog, Jenny)

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  • Theresa

    Amen Jim. I am tired. Age catching up with me. Missing members of family. Those too sick I am not able to visit. I Thank God we have not lost anyone through this horrible virus. I know God is looking after them but there is that selfishness in me. I would love to see them.
    Whoa !…. Straight into my head after saying that doubting Thomas popped up.
    I am sorry God for doubting.
    Worrying makes me very tired. Tonight I give it all to you believing your WILL, will be done as I sleep.
    Thank you Jim, as usual your talk with God sparks something in me. It is good to talk.
    Thank you God for being with those I give to you this night.

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