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Every Day We Are On The Road To Emmaus- Keep Going

A simple reflection for this day…

Every day is a ‘Road to Emmaus’ journey (Luke 24:13-35)

Every journey has twists and turns, high points and low points

Until we reach our final destination, every twist and turn, high point and low point is simply a stop off on the way- it will pass

We are never alone on the journey – Jesus walks with us

We’re not always able or willing to acknowledge the presence of Jesus

Jesus is God and God does not rely on my acknowledgement in order to exist

Though journey may have moments of desolation, Jesus brings consolation and hope of new life

Keep the faith. Keep strong. Keep going.

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  • Caren

    I love the Emmaus story, so true of life. We miss the encounter with Christ in the moment, but on reflection we feel our hearts aflame. Also, that instant of recognition, so intense yet so fleeting, but powerful enough to sustain us in those dry times.

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