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As the sun ascends, the Son ascends also

This Sunday in our tradition we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord; Ascension Sunday, the day that Jesus began to work from home as I saw someone put it on social media this week! Jokes aside, this is an important day in the Christian calendar. Jesus told his followers, many of whom might have been wondering why he was going- after all, he had beaten the system; he had conquered the cross and death itself- that he had to ascend so as to make way for the Holy Spirit, who would be the advocate on the journey from then on. Just as he rose from the dead, Jesus had to ascend. He leaves us a challenge as we face into Ascension Sunday- What will we allow to ascend in us today? Will it be:

Old hatred?

Old spite?

Old “poor me”?

Old hurts?

Old “I’m not worthy”?

Old falling out?


Or will it be…


New joy?

New “can do”?

New reaching out?

New love?

New friendships?

New efforts?

New possibilities?

New laughter?

New helping?

New tolerance?

New acceptance?

New beginning?

New life?



Let us pray for the strength and energy of the Holy Spirit, the power that saw Jesus overcome the cross and death itself,  to make Ascension Sunday a day that sees good ascend in us and in the whole world.


Peace be with you all. 

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  • Theresa Kearney

    Peace be with you Jim. I pray hope will ascend me today 🌈🌈 Goodnight God bless all in these coming weeks as we ease out of lockdown.
    Goodnight sleep well. Hopefully today was not just as long for you. Xx

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