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A Way To Pray Each Day

Here is a way to pray each day, perhaps at the end of the day. This might work best if you find a quiet place to sit or even lie down. Take a moment just to let your body, heart and mind arrive at that place. Breathe as well as you can and allow a stillness to come over you. In the stillness review your day, from the moment you woke up to this very moment. See the people you met. Acknowledge the experiences you had, without letting yourself get too caught up in any one of them. If you find you are, take a deep breath and move on.  Having reviewed the day, try this as a prayerful conversation with God:

“Ah, God. It has been quite a day. In fact it has been quite a few days. Although what day or what week isn’t?!

There have been some difficult times for me. Here they are… (tell God about your difficult times. Tell God all about them. God can take it)

Having told you those difficult times, God, here are one or two that I’d especially invite you to be with me in… (invite God to be with you and know that God already is).

There have been difficult times for others too. Here they are… (tell God about those difficult times and those who had the difficulties. Again, don’t hold back. God can take it).

God, I’d ask you to be with those people in their difficulties, especially… (tell God who is on your mind and in your heart).

There were times I messed up too. They weigh on me. Here they are… (share the times you’ve messed up with God and know that God is waiting for you to share these times and waiting to tell you that you are forgiven. God is waiting to help you see where and how you can make amends if that’s what’s called for).

Phew, God. I feel lighter already! Thank you for listening. And now that I say thank you it reminds me that there are things I am thankful for. Here they are… (shower God with things that you are thankful for. Don’t hold back. Allowing yourself to feel thankful feels good. Then you can be thankful for that too!!).

Now, God. I am at the end of this time of prayer and I’ll say goodbye… (but know that we never really say goodbye to God. God is always with us).

Before I go God, I want to say that I love you… (know that God loves you more than you could ever comprehend because you are beautiful and wonderful and great and amazing and… you get the idea!)

Good night.”

Having finished your prayer, settle down and rest well. Peace be with you. 

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