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A leopard can’t change its spots? I’ll take your word for it…

I was thinking this morning of how so many of the stock phases we use in our daily lives are actually self-limiting and disempowering of ourselves and others. Try these ten out for starters and see if you can hear yourself saying them. If so, try out the correction underneath each phrase. The journey to empowering ourselves begins by catching how we can disempower ourselves and pushing against it. I hope this helps.


A leopard can’t change its spots:

There aren’t too many leopards here in deepest, darkest West Belfast but I’ll take your word for it… when it comes to leopards that is. People are not leopards. People are not animals. People are… people! And we can choose to change or be changed by the events of our lives every single day. You can make make positive changes in you life. You can do this!


This is just the calm before the storm:

This might just be the calm. There might not be a storm. And if a storm comes, it might not be such a big storm. And you are strong and capable. You will weather any storm.


That’s just like me:

What? Wise, generous, funny, caring, sensitive, loyal, brave, committed? Good, then that IS just like you! Why do you say this when you’ve made a mistake? You are not your mistakes. You are the person who learns through your mistakes. 


It never rains but it pours:

And it might just pour out graces and gifts of peace of mind and answers to questions and problems. Let it rain, let it pour!


That’s life:

What? Full of possibilities, wonder, change, second and third chances? Right. THAT’S life. surprises.


Same old, same old:

Each day is different. Each day is unique. Each encounter with another person brings with it the possibility of hearing something new and something interesting. Each bird has its own unique call. Each sunset and sunrise is a one off, never to be repeated. You, in fact, are the only you there ever has been and ever will be!


The grass is always greener on the other side:

Have you been to the other side? They’re saying the same thing about your side! Enjoy the grass where you are. It’s green enough.


It is what it is:

It ain’t! Change, growth, possibilities abound in every situation. Let’s get creative.


If you want something done right, do it yourself

OK, so you’re great at doing things. I get it. And I agree. But this one limits your connection with others, disempower them and in turn disempowers you because the day you need help, this thinking will do you down and keep you from asking for it. We are built for connection. Invite others to do things with you. It’s more fun!


If you can’t beat them, join them:

Whoa! Don’t join anyone or any thing that goes against your code. Be who you are. Only by the example of you being true to yourself will you ever influence anyone else for the good. And even then, it’s their own choices that are key to their changing. Be yourself and be with them in love.

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