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A Conversation With God

Today will bring lots of different things our way: people, places, situations that bring joy or sadness or frustration to name but a few. Let’s have a conversation with God.


God, hello. I slept (insert your own adjective here. Something like “well”, “fitfully”, “badly”) last night. I’m grateful that I had a bed to sleep in, as I know many people don’t.


I thank you that I woke up and am breathing (take a few breaths. This lets you know you’re alive, you’re here and it is now).


My body feels (insert your own adjective here. Perhaps” sore”, “rested”, “agitated”, “fit”).


My spirit feels (insert your own adjective here. For example “heavy”, “light”, “happy”, “sad”, “worried”).


Put some words on why your body and spirit feel that way. God will listen!


God, today I plan to do the following things (insert your plan for the day here).


God, will you be with me in these things?


I know, however, that they say if you want to make God laugh show God your diary. So I also know that there will be things happening today that I haven’t planned for. God, will you help me to accept whatever comes my way and to trust that you’ll be with me in these things too?


God, I have a few special things that I want to ask you for (insert here the names of people and/or situations that you would like to pray for).


God, I have some things I want to say thank you for too. This gift of life and being alive today for one (even if life is tough). But I also want to spend a minute recalling the things and people in my life I’m thankful for (insert your thank you list here).


God, thanks for listening. Today I’ll keep an eye out for people who could do with my help. I’ll reach out in love, even if it is challenging to do so. And when I do I’ll give you a nod to let you know I’m doing it not only for them but for you too.


God, that’s all for now. I’ll talk to you soon.

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