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Three Deep Breaths

Our breath is a sign and symbol of the life that we have within us- a gift from the Creator. We are thankful for that gift and recognise that it is precious. Our breath can also be a pathway to prayer. Why not settle down wherever you are and take a little quiet time to yourself in the presence of the God who knows and loves you- the real you. As you do, I invite you to use the following meditation as a pathway to prayer. We take three deep breaths…

On the first deep breath

Feel the cold air

Rush into your being.

Sense the red blood cells

Getting redder with excitement

And nourishment.

Feel the chest swell,

Inflated with life itself.

Feel the warmth

Of the first out breath.

With it goes what we don’t need today.

We don’t need

The carbon dioxide of anger

Hurt, despair or worry.

The chest sighs with relief,

Relaxing again

As emotional toxins

Float away into the ether.

On the second deep breath

Feel the rush of communion

As we breathe in the same air

All around this earth.

On this day,

In this moment

Skin, belief, gender, sexuality

Not excluded

From inhalation.

Hold this second breath for three seconds.

Be in communion with everyone.

Feel their presence in you

Yours in them;

God’s in all of us.




Let go!

Of this second breath.

Blow out beautiful air.

The spirit of your being

Rushing into the world to fill it,

United with the breathing out of all creation.

Right now!

On the third breath

Breath in deeply, slowly, intentionally.

Silently speak of what you need

To sustain you this day.

As you name it

Know that you will be sustained

With air and love and joy

And mercy for the times

When mercy is all the air

We need to go on.

Hold it again.

Can you feel it?


Like you are full.

This is the willingness

Of God

To be with and in you.

Let the breath gush out now,

Like a howling wind.

Empty your lungs.

Empty your mind, ego;

Be empty,

And be filled again

With air and awe.


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