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Night prayer- as easy as 1,2,3!


At the end of this day, take a little moment to yourself. Get a quiet spot in the house or wherever you are tonight. Take this time as reflective time or prayer time if you are a praying person. Begin by allowing quietness to settle on you and in you. Concentrate on your breath, without needing to change your breath or the way you breathe at all. Simply notice your breath and experience it.


Now think 1-2-3


1 Call to mind one thing that you are concerned about at the minute. Give it your full attention. What is it that concerns you? Think about it rationally, without getting overwhelmed with anxiety. Breathe deep, slow breaths. On the out breath, say ‘everything will be ok’. Repeat this at least ten times. If you are a praying person, give this concern over to God and know that God has it all in hand. Believe that God joins you in this concern. Read Jeremiah 29:11



2 Call to mind two hopes that you have. This might be a hope for you and your life, or for another and their life. It could be a mixture of both. Stay in this hopeful state for a while. If you are a praying person, allow yourself to hope and know that God joins us in our hopes too. Read 1 Peter 1:3-6




3 Call to mind three things that you are truly thankful for. Name them clearly in your mind. Stay with each one for a full minute and savour those things as gifts. If you are a praying person, recognise them as gifts from God. Read Colossians 2:6-7




Praying person or not, it’s good at the end of the day to take a little time in reflection of concerns, hopes and thanksgiving. May you an all you hold dear be well this night and always. Peace be with you. 

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