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For those under attack

This is an example of what is called a Tau cross. I’ve made it from beautiful American Redwood. You can see and shop for crosses I have made here.

The word ‘tau’ is a letter in the Greek alphabet and resembles the letter T in English. The cross Jesus was executed on was likely this shape (as opposed to the cross we’ve become used to seeing depicted) and therefore it is sometimes known as the executioner’s cross.

For me, this cross reminds me of the execution of Jesus and the fact that there are many among us who feel that they are under attack; that there are those who out to execute them- literally and figuratively. As we witness a global shift of consciousness in our politics, our understanding of economic inequality, our understanding of society itself and appreciation of our common home the earth, let us not lose sight of the need for compassion and protection for those under attack.

A short prayer…

Lord, you saw your Son executed on the cross. You saw how he was under attack from the dark forces that can operate in humanity in the shape of individuals and groups who seek to destroy rather than build up.

Protect all those who are under threat of attack or execution this night.

Console those who feel threatened, bullied, excluded, harassed or ridiculed.

Strengthen the forces of life and goodness within all individuals and groups that we may seek to build up your kingdom of peace, love and justice rather than destroy. Amen

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  • Theresa

    Amen. The sooner everyone understands we are all the same. We have hearts to love with. How much easier it is to love, live and help each other than it is to judge by the cover. As individuals once we take the cover of the book away we all look exactly the same. Made in the image of God. #LovePeaceUnity. Why is so difficult ?….
    The redwood cross and it’s meaning is beautiful Jim.
    Goodnight God bless.

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