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Difficulty praying? Easy, take a deep breath.

Take a deep and intentional breath. Allow your breath to rise from deep within you; that place right at the heart of you. Feel it fill you. Notice your chest rise with the breath in. Allow your breath to leave you and go to its place in the world around you. Feel it leave you. Notice your chest fall with the breath out. Repeat this in silence for a minute or so.

Allow thought, feelings, everything to come and go with the breaths. Allow nothing to disturb you in your breathing.

Allow your body to relax for this time.

Now allow me to share an idea with you. I have heard it said that the ancient and sacred name for God – Yahweh – is a word that can be pronounced simply by breathing. It does not require movement of tongue or lips.

Why not try to find your own way of breathing the sacred name Yahweh? Fr Richard Rohr (find a link to his community HERE) turned me on to this form of breath prayer some time ago and it has really helped me to pray in the times when words don’t make sense or words don’t come.

In times of anxiety, I pray this way.
In times of frustration, I pray this way.
In times of sadness, I pray this way.
In times of gratitude, I pray this way.

How wonderful this is! Our very breath can become a prayer, for all day long we can call the name of God. From our waking in the morning to our going to sleep at night, each breath can become a prayer if we let it. We don’t need a degree in divinity or theology. We don’t need much of a thing at all. We come as we are. How beautiful of God that God can use our simple breathing as a way to connect with God!

Give it a go and let me know what you think. Peace be with you all.

(The featured image at the top of this prayer is the window in St Martin in the Fields Church of England just of Trafalgar Square, London. I took this picture in February 2020)

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