This Old Cross

This old cross has been with me now
For long and many a year
I put it on religiously
And daily bend its ear

I tell this cross my innermost
I tell it all my woes
And when I do this enough
I find my worry goes

This cross lies upon my chest
Each and every day
I often reach out and touch it
To keep my troubles at bay

So I put on this old cross
My uniform so to speak And try to live as Jesus would
Loving, turning the other cheek

You see this cross reminds me
Of God and heaven above
Of sacrifice and holocaust
And how much we are loved

I’ll wear this cross all my days
Through happiness and loss
And when I die I pray that I
Will be buried wearing my old cross

#gymforthesoul #cross #love #poem

Cross made from a knot I found in a piece of Redwood .
Poem from my poetry book, Gym for the Soul. See Books section of this website for details.