The Sound That God Makes

There is a sound that God makes
One sound, heard in a multitude of ways
Bursting through to a world whose hearing has been dulled
Through years of the white noise of disconnection

God’s sound, heard and felt
When hearing and feeling is who we are
We hear it in a newborn’s scream of arrival
In the last breath drawn in awe at the journey just beginning

In the midst of the raucous cheers of joy and delight
God’s sound is there, celebrating
And comforting those in grief
God’s sound harmonises with their cries

Watch out for the moments of unexpected kindness
Of experiences of love and forgiveness not deserved
These moments are the vibrations resulting
From God’s sound at work through us, with us, in us

Catch yourself saying something so good
So pure in intent and other-orientated
That it doesn’t sound like you any more
But another, and know it is Another speaking

In silence, sit and listen
Connect to that part of you that you are coming to know
In that place you will hear a feint, gentle sound building within
Growing in intensity- ‘yes’, it says

**Following on from reading it we could ask ourselves three questions:

1 What sound is God making in your life right now?
2 What noise is life making that stops you hearing God’s sound?
3 What could you do to help yourself tune into God’s sound a little better?

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