Mothers’ Day

Pure and simple
Expressed to children
In so many ways

Not always the gentle
Passive parent
On the front
Of the day’s cards

Mothers are tough man!
Their love often truth
And ‘no’ as much as ‘yes’
When ‘no’ is what you need

Toiling away to live
Two lives, two sets of demands
Firstly for the kids
Then what’s left over, for themselves

The bond of nine month’s cooking
As part of their own being
Connecting them – mother, children
Forever, through ease and pain

And when an ear is needed
Mother’s ear is best
It can listen to who you are
And bring you back to that place

Then the pain when they leave us
There are no words in this verse
To capture the emptiness
The void that going leaves

And yet if we’re very quiet
And close our eyes
We can hear her voice
See her face again

Love pure and simple
Mothers, with us or above us
This day we think of you
And say, ‘I love you. Thank you.’