London, Aye

Regent Street racers
Run ragged
Romping around
Reveal the reality-
We redeem regardless of recession
London, aye.

Somehow, sometime
The seediness of Soho
(so seductive- strange, but seductive)
Surrendered to the suave
And sophisticated
Seriously expensive
Not so strange
Still seductive
London, aye.

Couples kiss and cuddle
Neath Eros (confused for Cupid by the crowds)
They care not who catches their caresses
Coming close to commitment
They cling together
London, aye.

Who will hear the homeless?
Habits heaping
Hurt upon hurt
Hardly heeded
As we head home
But here, they are here
Our habit- hard heartedness
London, aye.

Big Ben
Bellows bells
At bustling bodies beneath
Bumping and butting
Bouncing and bounding
By bridge over brown water
Bedecked with noisy babble-
Busses beeping and blaring
Buskers bawling
Bizarre bagpipers blowing
London, aye.

Selfie sticks
I see
Selfie sticks
Inside I see sticks
Outside I see sticks
Selfie sticks- seriously?
London, aye.

Surprisingly peaceful parks
Pop up
Providing payback
For the patient peruser
Who pauses
Perfect place
To pen a poem
London, aye.

I find me
In the middle of the melee
Mind-blowing, moving, magic
London, aye.