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Complicated Jesus

It saddens me to see how religion can so often and so easily be weaponised. We’ve seen it throughout history again and again. And in these past hours we’ve seen it once more. When protesters are tear gassed and pushed off the streets to allow for a photo opportunity with a bible, we’ve definitely got the wrong idea about what Jesus came to say.  We must stand in love and for justice. Jesus, nearing the end of his time with his disciples and giving them his clearest teaching, said ‘that they may be one, Father, as you and I are one. We have complicated Jesus. 



 We’ve complicated Jesus

 Made him tough to understand

 We smothered him in theology

 Did we listen the man?


We’ve complicated Jesus

 And in us being smart

 We turned his message to a method

 For keeping people apart


We’ve complicated Jesus

 With the best will in the world

 Each believes they’ve got him

 And want to keep that pearl


We’ve complicated Jesus

 And in it missed the point

 Unless we see the hungry

 And the sick we must anoint


We’ve complicated Jesus

 And did not believe his truth

 Unless we clothe the naked

 And give the homeless a roof


We’ve complicated Jesus

 If we think that war’s ok

 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’

 Did we even hear him say?


We’ve complicated Jesus

 Unless we love the other

 With the tender love that he had

 For his friends and Mary his mother


We’ve complicated Jesus

 We need to strip it back

 To gaze upon his face again

 To get us back on track


We’ve complicated Jesus

 But there’s no need for dismay

 He shines bright light forever

 And his light will lead the way

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