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The Heart of the Cross


The wound at the heart of the cross:

It bore Truth and Peace cruelly

It took Goodness and Love to death

Injustice has wounded it deeply


But Goodness and Love do not die

Truth and Peace live eternally

The wound at the heart of the cross:

Sacred Heart we entrust all to thee


(The God of surprises at work, perhaps. I found this amazing piece of wood in my workshop this morning. Its shape and grain, along with the deep wound at its core, seemed to speak to me of the feast day today- The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can see and/or purchase crosses I have made here. Thank you! Peace)

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  • Theresa

    Our Saviour took so much pain for us. Jesus help us to carry any cross you send our way. We trust in your love. No cross will ever be as heavy as yours or too heavy for us to carry.
    Jim such a beautiful piece of wood to find today. Uncanny.
    Just popping over to St. John’s for prayers.
    Goodnight God bless xx

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