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Plankectomy- the removal of one’s own plank…

Inspired by Luke 6:39-42…


Planks are curious things

Huge, yet invisible

To the self-delusional


Eye of… well all of us

At some time

Or another


Planks that bind to us

And blind us

To our own wee foibles

(Big ones too)

And yet provide us

With a line to aim

Down, straight

To the perceived faults of others

Splinters, of course





Seem to have

A kind of magnificatory


To lead us to the sin

Of diagnosis

(Seeing the bad

And need to change)

Of those with splinters

Without first, gently

And honestly

Performing surgery

On ourselves

A ‘plankectomy’ if you will


A prayer arises

Lord, help me

Perform a ‘plankectomy’

Before diagnosing

Splinter unwell-ness

In others

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  • Theresa

    Isn’t it powerful how we are able to miss or ignore, or look past our own big plank. Yet the smallest splinter in others can look in our view as their big plank.
    Lord help me not to judge, never to be unkind but allow me to see my own great big plank of wood which is at times bigger than I think and to see only the splinters. God bless Jim. A little bit of thought towards others goes a long way. May the Holy Spirit open my eyes to see the good in others.

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