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Jump On (for those who carry us through)

No-one can be totally self-sufficient. I believe we are built to be with others. It is hard-wired into our DNA and expressed in families, friendships, romantic love and acts of great selflessness and generosity. I know that there have been moments in my life when I couldn’t have made it though without the help of others. Their help, love, encouragement and support live on in my memory and in my heart. I believe them to have been expressions of divine love (even if the giver of the support didn’t know or believe that themselves!). 

In these days of pandemic with all of its subsequent worry, fear, trauma and even death and bereavement, we need each other like never before. The irony is, of course, is that at the same time we are also told that we need to maintain distance from each other in order to prevent disastrously high rates of infecting each other. It may feel like a cross to bear, but bear it we must for the greater good and for the preservation of life.

This all seems like a paradoxical conundrum. And it might be just that. However, human beings are made in the image of God. We are gifted with great creativity and strength. We can find ways to ‘be’ with each other in safe ways. Indeed, social distancing itself is an act of love and respect for each other. 

And so, a poem…


(for all who carry us through the tough times)

When things get rough
And you’re on your own
And you can see no way through

Jump right on
I’ll carry you, friend
We’ll get there together, me and you

When your legs don’t work
And walking’s tough
And you think you can’t go on

Think again
And look this way
Let’s go, jump right on

In the cold times too
When the temperatures drop
And you can’t feel the good of the sun

Jump right on
I’ll heat you up
Come on, two’s warmer than one

During the bleak, dark days
When the sadness comes
And you’re looking a shoulder to cry upon

Yep, you’ve guessed it
I’m the one
Shoulder here, jump right on

When you’re wee heart’s broke
And doesn’t feel right
You don’t have to retreat

Jump right on
I’ll pull you close
We’ll make one, strong, loving heart beat

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  • Theresa Kearney

    😢 Beautiful. I have been blessed through mental health illness by so many people, too many to name. I didn’t have words to explain it but your words fit perfectly. These people let me jump right on and carried me through so much. There are no words to thank the goodness they gave me and going back to your post, how do you thank people like that when they do not know they carried you through tough times ? God bless everyone who carried me. Please God in some way I have been able to let others do the same with me. I don’t need to know who, why or when. If I have, again, I thank God for putting me where I was able to help. God bless you Jim Deeds you are definitely being guided by an amazing spiritual way of connecting to everyone. May the Holy Spirit keep enlightening you. Xx

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