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Hands When This Is Over


  • Theresa Kearney

    😭😭 of Joy when this is over.
    To see my children, grandchildren and son -in -law. My siblings, nieces and nephews. One massive family party.
    Oh to able to mourn comfort and grieve properly for any of my family , extended family and friends who lose a loved one.
    #Hope 🌈
    I am always delighted when we have these visions of hope and faith. Thank you Jim. God bless all of us in the coming weeks.

  • Mary Bingham

    Beautiful. I will be able to hug my youngest and 2nd eldest grandchildren also my son and 2nd eldest daughter

  • Theresa Kearney

    How little we realised Jim, just how long it was going to be.
    Three months since I had a hug from my children and grandchildren.
    Sitting in the garden keeping the rules of distancing is definitely taking its toll.
    Thank God we do not know the future. God bless you my friend. Xx praying these long days for you pass soon. 😊🌈

  • Patricia

    Lovely peom.
    So many have lost or know someone that has lost a loved one during these times. We pray for them and when we see our loved ones again we will have a deeper feeling and knowing and love.

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