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These can be tough days to get through. We have worries and troubles and more. Often our minds are tortured trying to imagine or predict a future. In those imaginings and predictions we can go to some every dark places. But the future is simply not within our grasp. It is as likely to be good as bad. Our job is not to live in the future, but to live today as best we can, taking one step at a time. This is a lesson I was reminded of as I watched my dog Charley run in a meadow yesterday, well away from anyone else so no social distancing regulations were broken. Enjoy!


Dog in a meadow, worries not nor falters.
Life is ahead.
He walks on.
He does not see the full journey.
Cannot and needs not.
He sees just enough.
Enough of the path to take the right next step.
And he steps with confidence and expectation.
In step with the journey.
One step at a time.

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  • Theresa Kearney

    It’s a weird sense of looking ahead Jim, as you know I live alone, I only watch the news once a day. Sometimes a full day can pass as I at home get caught up in crochet or some other craft and forget about COVID-19.
    This is all so new to me, as a very anxious person I am surprised at how calm I have been and remain. Amazing how we learn about ourselves ! I know there is nothing I can do to stop or control the virus therefore the only choice is to look forward. I forget my days I even forget housework, now that is a surprise yet I know it will eventually get done. To stay at home doing nothing is my job for now also to continue to pray for the world. The hamster wheel has stopped for now. Sadly some people maybe even myself will not get back on due to the virus. Please God we remember this time and become a gentler world for everyone. Goodnight God bless Jim. Stay safe and when the wheel starts to turn again, it will be slower and we will delight in the beauty around us just as the animals do. Keeping life simple and uncomplicated xx

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