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Doubting the Son


  • Theresa

    Mental health illness can do this. When we have taken a long time to build the box we can shelter from the rain, know it has stopped raining and the sun is shining, even a glimmer of that sunshine in our safe box is wonderful. The rain will pound again, either by a pandemic virus turning the world into a strange place, a death and in the same breath an illness which will change a person’s life forever. The glimmer of sunshine, he is going to live is all that is needed to know we will walk in the sunshine at some point.
    Maybe not today or tomorrow. The changes mean making the box differently. All the pieces do not fit now. Parts are missing, parts are changed forever Yet through time this box will become a safe place again where the sun will shine in with the help of God.
    I don’t always think I am writing these comments with the intention your poems and inspiring posts are meant to be Jim. I am sorry if get it wrong. Possibly I am waiting to walk in the sunshine without realising the sun is shining. #Faith#Hope#Love. Goodnight God bless Jim.

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