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A Home For Hope

I was asked to write a poem on the theme of hope for the Focolare Movement’s United World Week 2020. It strikes me that hope is a risky business these days when the dominant narratives can be all about despair. It begged the question of me, ‘do I dare to hope?’ Here is the resulting poem. 


A Home For Hope

We are in an upper room

Doors locked for fear

Of infection

Prisoners of pandemic distance

The future itself seeming more distant

Than ever


Dare we hope?


In these times of lockdown

And meltdown

We hear

Hope has no home here


Hope has no home here

Save for the home we give it

Do we, in the darkness of our worries,

Dare to open the doors in our hearts

And let the light in?


Dare we hope?


A good man said one time

Speaking of a better man, that

“He is the same today, tomorrow and always”

He is the same before pandemics,

During pandemics

And He will be the same after

There is the light

The key to open the doors of our hearts

This is the home for our hope

That there will be an after-pandemic time

And that He will be there

Having travelled the road with us


Dare we hope?


For if not us,

Then who?

Who will carry the light to all the nations?

Who will give hope a home?

Who will tell the truth?

We are never abandoned, alone

We are never beaten

The story does not end in darkness

But in wonderful light

And what that light will illuminate!


In the after-pandemic times

We will see like never before

The rights and the wrongs

The way will be illuminated, golden

The Way enlivened

And we will grieve, yes

Those who have gone before us

And in their honour build

A home for hope

A home for all

A world of one-ness and unity


Dare we hope?

Dare we not?


  • John Hennebry

    I am challenged by this Hope of the Upper Room…How scary it is when the time comes to leave and how comfortable we can get even in our own fear and dread. The known and the unknown…

  • Theresa Kearney

    Yes ! we have fear of now, fear of the the future but we need to have and hold on to hope for our children, grandchildren and this generation watching how we are coping in the face of an invisible war.
    We clapped for our soldiers (key workers) the children drew rainbows of hope. I like many others have crochet rainbows of hope for every home in our family. To keep hope alive, I suggested we bring these rainbows out every Christmas and hang them up to remember our heroes NHS and to keep hope in their children’s hearts each time they see a rainbow in the sky.
    Our grandparents fought physically in wars to keep hope for us and it worked. We now owe it to all the generations coming after us to never give up hope.
    Showing our hope and hopefully hiding our despair we will pass HOPE down just as we watched it passed down to us.
    Your poem is excellent Jim. A massive task you took on with hope of doing justice to all our hopes. You did a great job as always. God bless how your mind works. Xx 🌈🌈🌈 We hope and we pray.

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