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Caren Collins is a teacher, youth and adult retreat facilitator and Spiritual Director. Here she talks us through her playlist of songs that enable her to pray. Caren tells us….

Jesus says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost,”(Luke 19:10) He knows where to find us. He knew Zacchaeus was up a tree. He ventured to the places frequented by tax collectors and prostitutes. He journeyed through Samaria to meet the woman at the well; he comes to us in the places where we are likely to be.

I have always loved music and been aware of its affectivity. It can make me sing, to dance or be still, to smile or to cry.  Contemplating aged 10, what it means to be a, “Spirit in the Material World,” was an indication that the “Holy Ghost” was in that particular Machine. My 14-year-old self, kicking against all things Church, wandered off, but the shepherd sought me.

I was listening to War by U2 at the time. When I found out the song “40” was a Psalm, I checked out the rest of the Psalms and found every emotion under the sun; love, loss, longing, fear, anger and joy, exactly the type of things I was finding in the music I was listening to.  It seems modern-day song writers and the psalmists have much in common.

Today, the music I listen to can bring me deep into prayer. How can this be, if the song isn’t intended to be religious and the artist leads a less than holy life? Well, was King David a paragon of virtue? Any of us can be an instrument of God’s amazing grace to others.

Here is an example of the prayer journey 5 songs might take me on (click the titles to listen on YouTube):


Lovesong – The Cure

Whenever I’m alone with you, you make me feel like I am home again…

(Verse is repeated with the words; whole, young, fun, free and clean; in place of home.)

This is exactly what I feel like when I spend time in prayer with God. I feel grateful for this wonderful love.


Mountain at My Gate – Foals

Give me some time, show me the foothold from which I can climb. Yeah, when I feel low, you show me a signpost for where I should go.

The mountain at my gate has been different things at different times, but God has always shown me the way to climb it. I reflect in gratitude on the footholds and signposts he has given me along the way and am hopeful that he will continue to guide me.


I Wanna be Adored – The Stone Roses

I don’t need to sell my soul, he’s already in me.

Where am I drawn to act out of ego and vanity and in so doing, co-operate with the bad spirit?


Race for the Prize – The Flaming Lips

Two scientists are racing for the good of all mankind…locked in heated battle for the cure that is the prize…

I reflect on the many scientists who are seeking a vaccine or cure for coronavirus and I ask God to bless them.


The World is Lit by Lightning – Deacon Blue

How I wonder which light to trust, the light in the distance or the light that might just burn

Scripture tells us that, “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” (2 Corinthians 11:14)  I ask God to help me discern between the false lights of the enemy and the true light of Christ.


Music, one of the places where God finds me. Identify the places where God finds you, whether it’s in books, poetry, films, art, sport, walking, writing; whatever you find life-giving, God is there, prompting, nudging and directing you towards Himself.


*The cover picture for today’s blog is Caren’s son’s band, SX70. Check them out here


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