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    For the Gift of Humilty

      These small holding crosses are at the start of an epic journey. After starting out as trees, they have found their way into my workshop here in West Belfast, Northern Ireland. But from tree to workshop is not the end of their journey. They are about to undertake a journey of transformation and then another journey of great distance as they make their way to Florida in the Unites States of America.       As they sit now, they are barely roughed out shapes bearing the saw marks of their recent shaping. They have sharp edges and uneven surfaces. In many ways they are rugged, and that brings…

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    One Minute Litany Prayer

    One Minute Litany Prayer   For all that I have, gratitude. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those who are sick and dying, healing. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those undergoing treatment or awaiting results, positive outcomes. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those struggling with addictions, fortitude. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those who are lonely, friendship. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those who find themselves in foreign lands and discriminated against, compassion. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those caught up in war, peace. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those wrestling with a difficult decision, wisdom. Hear our cries, Lord.   For those in…

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    Night prayer- as easy as 1,2,3!

      At the end of this day, take a little moment to yourself. Get a quiet spot in the house or wherever you are tonight. Take this time as reflective time or prayer time if you are a praying person. Begin by allowing quietness to settle on you and in you. Concentrate on your breath, without needing to change your breath or the way you breathe at all. Simply notice your breath and experience it.   Now think 1-2-3   1 Call to mind one thing that you are concerned about at the minute. Give it your full attention. What is it that concerns you? Think about it rationally, without…

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    Meditation: for the stormy times.

    In 1944, Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkspots recorded a song called, ‘Into each life, some rain must fall’. The first verse goes like this,   Into each life some rain must fall But too much is falling in mine Into each heart some tears must fall But some day the sun will shine Some folks can lose the blues in their hearts But when I think of you another shower starts Into each life some rain must fall But too much is falling in mine   I guess we all know how Ella felt. Sometimes our lives have more than just ‘some rain’ falling. At times it feels like a…

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    A prayer for the weird and the wonderful

    These are unsettled and often unsettling times we live in. Please join me in a moment of prayer…   For the lost and the lonely For the weird and the wonderful For the believer and the not yet For the settled and searching… For the young and the old For the living (here) and the living (beyond) For the sick and the not yet For all of us are becoming one A one-ing is upon us Cosmicly coming Always unfolding Emerging, evolving If we but knew We are one “That they may be one, father, as you and I are one” The One came and told us the Way We…

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    For those under attack

    This is an example of what is called a Tau cross. I’ve made it from beautiful American Redwood. You can see and shop for crosses I have made here. The word ‘tau’ is a letter in the Greek alphabet and resembles the letter T in English. The cross Jesus was executed on was likely this shape (as opposed to the cross we’ve become used to seeing depicted) and therefore it is sometimes known as the executioner’s cross. For me, this cross reminds me of the execution of Jesus and the fact that there are many among us who feel that they are under attack; that there are those who out…

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    A day without death

    Today, the 15th June 2020, is the first day since the beginning of the pandemic that we have recorded no deaths due to Covid-19 in the last 24 hours right across the island of Ireland. Setting politics and constitutional matters aside for a moment, we can see that this virus respects no borders- it respects nothing at all it seems. And so, infection in one part of the island can mean infection in another part. So, to be able to say that this day is the first day that we see no deaths reported on the island is a massively positive thing, for which we would rightly give thanks.  I…

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    When there are no words, God already knows

    They say praying is what happens when you can’t say your prayers anymore. For the times when there are no words to pray…   Me: Hello…God?   God: Hello, my friend. What’s up?   Me: God?   God: Yes, my friend?   Me: Well… erm… you see, it’s… eh… I don’t know how to say this, but… erm…   God: My friend?   Me: Yes, God?   God: I know already. I’ve got this. Trust me.   It’s good to talk

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    Three Deep Breaths

    Our breath is a sign and symbol of the life that we have within us- a gift from the Creator. We are thankful for that gift and recognise that it is precious. Our breath can also be a pathway to prayer. Why not settle down wherever you are and take a little quiet time to yourself in the presence of the God who knows and loves you- the real you. As you do, I invite you to use the following meditation as a pathway to prayer. We take three deep breaths… On the first deep breath Feel the cold air Rush into your being. Sense the red blood cells Getting…

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    For the ones we miss

    This has been a week when I have encountered grief and bereavement- both in my personal experience and in the experience of loved one, friends and colleagues who have lost loved ones. These days of the disruption of pandemia mean that funerals are not what they were just a few short weeks ago, leaving us without our customary rituals of passing and leaving many of us us too without a chance to say goodbye.  Grief hurts. There is no getting away from that fact. It hurts. And there is precious little that can be done to lessen that hurt, less that can be done to take it away. In these…


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