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    Precious, the words spoken in love

    She spoke your name today. Precious, the words spoken in love. They were conceived in her heart, Grew within, And were given life through her lips.   The new born words fell, Gently from her mouth, In all but silent compassion.   Fell, but did not hit the floor. Words spoken in love never do; They are too precious, As you are precious.   And so the new born words of your name, Floated above the ground. And as she looked upon them, She saw her prayer for you.   They floated, For a second only, Before, Rising,   High, High, High,   Carried by love, To love itself; Into…

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    Doubting the Son

    I love coming across a verse that I wrote years ago- a verse that didn’t quite go anywhere- a verse waiting for another verse or two. This poem is an example of that. I wrote 8 lines of this poem 6 years ago and rediscovered them on this the Feast of St Thomas who is known as Doubting Thomas. It was lovely to complete the poem. I offer it for anyone who has fallen int difficult times and who might find it hard to believe that times can and will be better…   Doubting the Son   Sometimes the rain falls And I can do nothing at all But put…

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    World Refugee Day 2020- I Don’t Care?

    I DON’T CARE? I want to say it So loud that it shatters glass And eardrums burst And hearts break I DON’T CARE   It is the only response The only one That can be true To the ancient path, the original script   I DON’T CARE   In proper use It expresses so well (not apathy at all) An honest disregard For anything That gets in the way Of love, joy and mercy   Try it out:   “They’re foreigners”- I DON’T CARE! I’m glad they’re here “They’re begging”- I DON’T CARE! If I wasn’t so lucky, I could be there too “They’re not like us”- I DON’T CARE!…

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    The Heart of the Cross

      The wound at the heart of the cross: It bore Truth and Peace cruelly It took Goodness and Love to death Injustice has wounded it deeply   But Goodness and Love do not die Truth and Peace live eternally The wound at the heart of the cross: Sacred Heart we entrust all to thee   (The God of surprises at work, perhaps. I found this amazing piece of wood in my workshop this morning. Its shape and grain, along with the deep wound at its core, seemed to speak to me of the feast day today- The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. You can see and/or purchase crosses I…

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    Complicated Jesus

    It saddens me to see how religion can so often and so easily be weaponised. We’ve seen it throughout history again and again. And in these past hours we’ve seen it once more. When protesters are tear gassed and pushed off the streets to allow for a photo opportunity with a bible, we’ve definitely got the wrong idea about what Jesus came to say.  We must stand in love and for justice. Jesus, nearing the end of his time with his disciples and giving them his clearest teaching, said ‘that they may be one, Father, as you and I are one. We have complicated Jesus.    COMPLICATED JESUS  We’ve complicated…

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    A Boat for a Heart all at Sea- a tribute to our NHS heroes

    I spent my day today making this little carving. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. I spent A LOT of my day today making it. I did some other things too. One of those things was to spend a couple of hours with a group of NHS workers who tend to the most vulnerable people in our society, often caring for them through to their deaths. These guys are heroes. I have the privilege of leading them in some mindfulness and meditation, focusing on keeping them together as they go about their work that often sees them all at sea, working in systems that are complex and doing work that is…

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    I climbed the mountain But he ascended As I watched in wonder and awe   With him he took All of my worries And hurts and sorrow and more   Every bruise to my soul And mistake I’ve made Rose high on the warm air   All my wrong steps And every tear I’ve shed Floated upwards till they weren’t there   He took them all To be with him And for angels and saints to see   When he had gone What he left behind Was plain and simple: me 

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    Jump On (for those who carry us through)

    No-one can be totally self-sufficient. I believe we are built to be with others. It is hard-wired into our DNA and expressed in families, friendships, romantic love and acts of great selflessness and generosity. I know that there have been moments in my life when I couldn’t have made it though without the help of others. Their help, love, encouragement and support live on in my memory and in my heart. I believe them to have been expressions of divine love (even if the giver of the support didn’t know or believe that themselves!).  In these days of pandemic with all of its subsequent worry, fear, trauma and even death…

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    Good Friday- A Mother’s Call

    Judea: It was a quiet day. Birds called and life went on. Who would have thought, On such a day that Blood could flow, The veil could be torn in two, The earth could shake, The tomb could await its faultless guest?   Here: It is a peaceful day. Birds call and old folk rest at home Shakily but happily. Young folk labour where they can, Making ends meet. Who would think, On such a day that Suffering continues, Blood flows, Women and men die both Peacefully and in torment?   Judea: Trial ended, The path, the Via Dolorosa,   The way of suffering. Walked as they tore at His…

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    Hands When This Is Over

    The hands we shake will be rougher From constant crucial cleanliness   The eyes we look into will be deeper From seeing too much news and pain   The arms we’re held by will be weaker From days of inaction   The legs that carry us will be unsure From not having left lately   The hearts that beat will be heavier From the emotions we’ll have bled out     When this is over     But the hand shakes will be tight   And the eyes will be lifted   And the hugs will be longer   And the steps will be lighter   And the hearts will…


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