Hello fellow seekers and welcome to my new website- Gym For The Soul. I hope the words and pictures here will give a sense of God in all things, even or maybe especially, in the mess of every day life. Surf through the posts and pages here, relax and enjoy. You could leave me a comment when you are moved to do so.  You can click on the menus above if you are here for a particular reason- poetry for example or reflections- or you can search the categories over on the right. Let’s use this site to build each other up and keep a sense of love, joy and mercy as we journey through this life together. Peace!

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  • laurence lsmurphy

    Congratulations Jim, I am delighted for you and will continue to pray for your ministry. Is it possible for you and Brendan to post more audio like you did with the American Jesuit. It was brilliant. God bless Bro.

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