Poetry and Art to bring us hope- from Calum aged 12

Today we have a very special guest blog. It comes from a young man who has many talents. Today he shares his poetry and art with us. I came across the poem below on his mum Ciara’s Facebook page and it blew me away. So I asked Ciara if Calum would guest on my blog. Happily he said yes. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce Calum. Calum says…

Hi, my name is Calum and I’m 12 years old. I’m a yr8 pupil at St Malachy’s College in Belfast, Ireland. This is a poem that I wrote as a piece of English work for school during the remote learning period. I felt the worry and fear of family and friends around the virus, but as a community we were coming together to fight back. I was especially proud of my close family members working as frontline staff in the hospitals at this time.

I have used a lot of the lockdown time to work on my passion of art – it has been my own personal retreat at this time. Thank you for taking the time to read my poem. Look after yourself & each other.



I am Corona, I am everywhere.

Stand back and watch, I bring widespread despair.

I’ll rage like a tsunami and I’ll force through the air.

From the heart of your family, loved ones I will tear.

But we are the people, together we care.

We’ll stay home united, strengthened by prayer.


I am Corona, I’ll defeat you this day.

An invisible predator; you are my prey.

I’ll cripple your economy, leave you hungry today.

I thrive on desperation, loneliness and affray.

But we are community, our part we will play.

Food parcels, home visits are coming your way.


I am Corona, hospitals fear me.

Your cavalry lacks arsenal – you’ve no PPE.

No ventilators, no vaccine, no way to break free.

I am invincible! I won’t heed your plea!

But we are mankind, with our NHS army!

Applauding our heroes, battling for you & for me.


I am Corona, how dare you defend!

I came here to conquer, to bring about your end.

But we are triumphant – our world’s on the mend.

There is no force stronger than the love of a friend.

We supported our neighbour to flatten that bend.

With rainbows in windows, tomorrow is ours to spend.

(Both the poem and the artwork are by Calum)


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