Come to the gym for the soul to find God in the everyday nuts and bolts of life’s experience. Give your spirit a workout through reflections, prayer, poetry and pictures. Sweat out confusion and concern and breathe in hope and promise.

You might be wondering how I came to use the name ‘Gym For The Soul’. Well, some time ago, a good friend who is a teacher was using material from my first book Surfing Life’s Waves with his class. One of the boys remarked, ‘Sir, reading this book is like going to the gym, but for your soul’. My friend told me about this and, as well as being humbled, I was taken by the concept. Hence the name ‘Gym For The Soul’ was born!

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About the Author

My name is Jim Deeds. I am a poet and author, living and working from the wounded and wonderful city of Belfast, Ireland. A husband of one and a father of three, I am also an avid walker and dog owner. I work in pastoral ministry across Ireland and beyond, facilitating individuals and groups to find their mission in life and to walk closer to God’s plan through discernment. Glad you could join me here.